Saturday, August 2, 2014

3:PRB- Leave space in front of a moving subject

There goes a biker, a runner, or a train; the rules of photography say to make sure there is open space in front of that moving subject.  Which you do, so that there is space for the subject to “move” through the image.  So try putting that runner, biker, or train at the very front of the image and see what happens.  You can also do this with non moving subjects.  On those the rule is to allow the viewer to see where the subject is looking, try not giving that space as I've done.  

While you’re experimenting keep these things in mind:
            -Don’t cut off the front of the subject
            -Let part of a fast moving subject blur
            -Tip the horizon
            -Try anything once and check out the photos you've taken to see what worked

Be sure to check out 2:PRB, I'm sure you'll learn something.  And leave your photos breaking this rule in the comments.