Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Rules to break in Photography

      This week is about breaking the rules.  Earlier in the week I decided to wear white pants.  A fellow co-worker told me I couldn't wear white after labor day, the thought crossed my mind that morning while putting the pants on too.  Where did this rule come from, why do most people know it and follow it.  That one rule was only my starting thought for rules.  There are a ton rules for photography, most of the time the rules are for beginners but some times the rules end up being followed longer then they should be.  I've done some thinking and research on photography rules.  If you're still following these rules look at how my ideas come across and try it for your self.
     Over the next few blogs I will go over each rule, why you should break it, and when you do break it some of the better ways to create great results.  Here are the rules I'll break down one by one.

Photograph the horizon straight
Photography subjects should be clear
Only take photographs in the morning or evening
Photographs of moving subjects should have space in front of them
Photograph with the sun to your back

Now that you've read this come see the first Rule to break:  1:Photography Rule to Break- Straight Horizon
Are there other Rules that you like to break?  Let me know about them, so I can add them to how I photograph.