Friday, August 8, 2014

4: PRB- Shooting morning and evening

All photographers are taught there are times when its best to go out to take photos and times to avoid taking photos.  The times to be out and about are as the sun is coming up and going down.  I don't know about other people out there but I'm not always free in those time frames.  What with needing to be to my day job and cooking dinner for the husband, my mornings and evening are pretty full too.  There are better times and weathers to shoot in if you can't make it in the morning and evening.

Here are some guidelines I follow when photographing in the middle of the day:
Overcast days are your friend
Photograph subjects in the shade
Avoid noon (its just to much direct light, plus its really warm)
Use this time to work on sun flares
Experiment with whatever comes to mind