Friday, August 22, 2014

5: PRB- Shooting with the sun to your back

               Now that you've read about taking photos in the morning and evening lets talk about the direction of the sun.  Its morning and the sun is rising, it’s the perfect light, now all you need is the correct angle.  So you turn your back to the sun and take the shot.  But what would happen if you switched sides and were facing the sun?  This is our last rule to break.  

               In most conditions its best to have your back to the sun but on occasion turn around and face the sun.  Putting the subject between you and the sun.  Here are some things to think about when you’re out taking photos:
-       Exposure, exposure, exposure; Since you’re facing the sun think about how much light the lens is taking in and adjust.
-       Think about where the sun is at in the photo, you might want sun flares but if not be on the look out for them
-       This is not just a morning thing, the evening will work too; so go experiment

If you missed any of the other rules here is a link back to the beginning.  

Looking forward to seeing your work soon!