Monday, July 4, 2016

Rochelle's Project 52

I have decided to really up my photography game with a 52 week project.  So I looked at a bunch of other people who have done projects like this and took my favorite items from their lists and made my own.  

There were so many good ideas out there.  As I went through the lists there were a couple of handful of ideas that deserve more than one weeks time.  I plan to work on those at another date (keep an eye out for that).

On that note here is how this project will work.  Every week there’s a theme.  At the end of four weeks I will pick my favorite images from each theme and post it here.  Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram though I plan to post images in both those places through out the 52 weeks.

I would like to invite you to join me on this challenge.  Post your favorite images to Instagram or Facebook.  Be sure to tag me and use the the following hashtags, #RochellesPhotos & #RochellesP52 so we can all see what you’re shooting.  The official start will be next Sunday the 10th, so you have a week to get you camera and creative thinking going.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here is the list of subjects we will be shooting for the next 52 weeks.

1: Time
2: Window
3: Love
4: Sleepy
5: Spring
6: Macro
7: Emotion
8: Earth
9: Under
10: Smile
11: Shadow
12: Patriotic
13: Senses
14: Wisdom
15: Fall
16: Neighbor
17: Golden
18: Spooky
19: Motion
20: Remember
21: Bokeh
22: Numbers
23: Morning
24: Guilty Pleasure
25: From where I stand
26: In my cup
27: Motherhood
28: Negative Space
29: Celebrate
30: Still Life
31: Patterns
32: Faceless Portrait
33: From Above
34: Night
35: Lights
36: Self-Portrait
37: Clouds
38: Something Old
39: Something New
40: Hands
41: Technology
42: Shoes
43: Flowers
44: Close-up
45: Black & White
46: Glass
47: Sensual
48: Kiss
49: Lace
50: Orange
51: A street
52: Rainbow
Extra: A Bad Habit

Oh and Happy 4th of July!!!