Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo Weekend: Girls weekend in Cascade

This weekend I planned a photography weekend and it worked out to be the same weekend my mom wanted to do a girls weekend at the cabin.  This was going to be great, I could see if I could fill up one of the cards on my camera.

The weekend is suppose to be free of boys, kids and dogs.  Duke, my dog, is very attached to me (I call him my shadow) so I wondered how he was going to do all weekend without me.  Wayne, my husband, was begging me to ask mom if I could take the dog.  He did not feel confident with the dog and was worried that he would be wining all weekend.  I got to break the rules and take Duke along.

All three of us rode up together and started the weekend with dinner in Horseshoe Bend.  Duke did great waiting in the car while we ate.

The next day was a hike into two lakes, Hidden and Lost lake.  It was a beautiful hike and the dog did an amazing job, we did walk him hard enough to give him a blister that popped.

I tried very hard to fill a card but I just couldn't do it.  Next time I'll shoot for a whole week, maybe then I can accomplish my goal.

It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again!