Sunday, February 23, 2014

1: Photography Rule to Break (PRB)- Straight Horizon

    Whats the first thing you notice about a photo?  Consciously its probably the subject of the photograph, subconsciously you see a lot in the photo that's just suppose to be there.  For example a straight horizon.

    When the horizon is tipped our brain keeps trying to put it back to normal unless.......... the subject fits with whats going on.  This is a rule to break on a regular basis.  Tilt your camera, experiment with the direction of the horizon.

While you experiment with your camera keep some of these guidelines in mind:

            -Try turning your camera every direction once
            -Look at your finished photographs to understand what worked and what didn't
            -Make a subject using the tilt of the camera
            -Use the tilt to show the subject from the very bottom to the top
            -Once you've tested this ideas, experiment MORE

Go try it for your self and share your best shots with this photography community!

Fluster Buster