Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Part 2: Art Abandonment Challenge

If you haven't read Part 1, check it out now!
Once I decided what should go in the kit it was easy enough to put together.  I went to the dollar store and found interesting containers, off the wall items and some regular art supplies (of course I bought more than I needed).
I painted something in the bottom of each container, in hopes that it gives the finder some inspration.  Then I put the items into each container and started on the message.  I think it turned out great!
Now its time to leave them for some lucky finder.

If you made a kit this month or happened to find a kit I'd love to see what you did share it in the comments.  If I hear from my finders I'll be sure to share it here.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Where inspiration can come from

Have a hard time thinking of new things or places to photograph?  Well I do too, I feel like I've photographed my whole town twice now.  I am always trying to think of new places to go for new photo subjects.  Some days its harder than others but I almost always come up with some ideas.  Here are some of my ideas of how to get re-energized on photo subjects:

Wait for the weather to change

Drive to a new place in town

Walk a different direction

Stop thinking, and just take yourself on a walk
Looking at other peoples art

Look back though your old photographs

Some days just going to work helps me come up with new ideas

The lack of light can give me ideas

Do you have ways of sparking your inspiration?  I'd love to hear your ideas, leave them in the comments.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our new family member

We just got a dog this weekend and we had both been very stressed about how it was going to work.  I was worried about how the cat was going to handle a new animal in the house.  And if the dog was going to be high strung and unmanageable.  Needless to say neither of us got a lot of sleep leading up to the dogs arrival.

Now we've had him for a few days and things are great.  We are both very happy to have him in our lives, I can't speak for the cat.  I've worked hard to make sure she has her own space to come and go from.  I have seen her walk up to the dog and ask for some loving (don't let her know I saw it though).  The first night we had him though, Missy (the cat) spent the night sleeping on the bed protecting me from Duke (the dog).

Another thing I love about having Duke (at least for now) is that I HAVE to go on walks.  The boy needs some of his energy burnt off, not that he has a lot.  We were out on a walk Sunday night, in the rain, and I started singing "Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes in a row...."  If you don't recognize the tune its cause I sing out of key all the time.  Its the opening song for the first few seasons of Weeds.  Which by the way if you haven't watched that series watch it now, the whole series is out, it would be a great weekend marathon.

But back to my point, I started wondering why that song came to my head.  As I sang I looked around, most of the houses have features that make each house different.  And I'm not talking about the paint color, that is pretty much universal in my neighborhood.  I decided the one thing that is cookiey cutter, is the trees between the road and the sidewalk.  These trees are annoying too.  It reminded me of my senior thesis, I'll write about that another day.

Needless to say I live in a neighborhood that reminds me of Weeds and my new dog is pretty sweet!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Questions about fireworks

The family getting ready for fireworks
    Every year I go watch the fireworks with my friends and since I can't help my self my camera and equipment comes along too.  My friends tend to ask me a lot of questions about taking photos of fireworks. One of them is also into photography and brings her camera with us.  I don't know how her camera works so I give the best advice I can based on what she understands and has explained about her camera.  I thought in this post that I would address her most common questions.
All the boats on lake Cascade
One of the most important things is to bring a tripod.  This is the best way to stabilize your camera and keep from blurring the image.  Another important thing is a shutter release, so you don't have to touch the camera.
What it looks like when you miss
The next thing to think about is your location.  Its best to get to the area the fireworks are or where you want to be before its dark.  Its not always easy to know where the fireworks will be in the sky but try to make a good guess because you'll want to attempt to focus the camera before its dark.  If you know your lens really well, the focus can be done during the fireworks.  Just be ready for some unfocused photos till you get the hang of the process.

Now for the more technical stuff.  Starting with the F-stop, the smaller the number the more light allowed through the lens.  Then you need to worry about the shutter speed.  To have a chance to capture the light of the fireworks you need a long shutter speed.  With shutter speed I start around 2'3", and 4 on the F-stop and make sure I look at the image before adjusting from that point.
There are some fun ways to change the normal firework photo.  I like to turn the camera around and photograph the crowd.  Another fun thing is on a long exposure start on one spot then rotate the camera a small amount.
Moving the camera
Let me know your fun tricks for firework photographs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Part 1: Art Abandonment Challenge

I am part of a group on FaceBook called Art Abandonment, its a group that encourages people to create and leave their creations behind for other people to enjoy.  I love the idea behind this because more people can enjoy art without even realizing they are.  If you missed my FaceBook post on the group check it out now.

Every month the powers that be post a challenge for everyone.  I forget this all the time so I've never taken part in a challenge, till NOW.  This months challenge is to create a kit of creative encouragement.  I like this challenge because its very similar to the mystery box I'm working on (keep an eye out for more on this later).  Here is the mystery box.

There is a lot of thought to put into this project.  I need to come up with some kind of tag.  The tag needs to explain what the finder should do, why this was left behind, and where they can send pictures or a note of their finished project if they want.  I also have to come up with what goes in the kit and how to package it.

I started brainstorming ideas on what could go in the kit or be the kit (hensce the drink).  I thought of a camera, a small clay pack, and then I thought of a mini mystery box.  So thats the plan, I'm going to find "art" items to put in a container.  Stay tuned for the results.

If you are working on the challenge please share your kit of creative encouragements below.

Come check out Part 2.

Friday, July 11, 2014

2: PBR- Clear Subject

          I hope you had the chance to read about straight horizons, if not check it out now.

When looking at a photo how is the subject defined?  Most of the time its what is in focus, or what is closest to the photographer.  When an item is out of focus most people don’t take the time to figure out what the unfocused item is.  This is another rule to break. 

Here are some thoughts to think about as you experiment.
            -Have something be in focus in the image
            -Create movement with the camera and your body
            -Use a slower shutter speed to blur moving subjects
            -Try any idea you have at least once, it’s the best way to learn

How did you get an unclear subject in your photo?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

My experience at Boise Music Festival

            I had the chance to work the Boise Music Festival this last weekend.  First off I was surprised to be given the opportunity but I have one of the greatest sisters-in-laws ever.  All of the fun started with a meeting at the station to go over our assignments and answer any questions. 

  The day of I leave the house and halfway there remember I’ve left all my paperwork at home.  I call the husband and get him to send over photos of what I need.  Once I get there and park I head the direction I think I need to go.  Well I’m wrong and eventually I figure it out. 

Then the photography day gets started.  At first its slow, there aren’t many people and the bands are ok.  As the day goes on it gets busier and warmer.  Two of my best friends show up and we hang out for a little.  At some point during the day I decide I was crazy to say yes to this, its hot, there are to many people, and I’m tired. 

I finish up with my last two bands and start to wonder across the fair grounds to the trailer where I drop off the last of my photos.  The main stage still has its artist performing, which happens to be Train.  Now I’m not a very big fan of Train but I have backstage access so I had to check it out.  In a matter of seconds I remember why I like taking photos.  

Even though I wasn't one of the photographers taking the photos I was still able to get as close as them.  With a camera in had you get into some amazing places; I look forward to doing this again.

And this is the view everyone else had.  I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

If you want to see more photos of Boise Music Fest go check out their site.