Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Rules to break in Photography

      This week is about breaking the rules.  Earlier in the week I decided to wear white pants.  A fellow co-worker told me I couldn't wear white after labor day, the thought crossed my mind that morning while putting the pants on too.  Where did this rule come from, why do most people know it and follow it.  That one rule was only my starting thought for rules.  There are a ton rules for photography, most of the time the rules are for beginners but some times the rules end up being followed longer then they should be.  I've done some thinking and research on photography rules.  If you're still following these rules look at how my ideas come across and try it for your self.
     Over the next few blogs I will go over each rule, why you should break it, and when you do break it some of the better ways to create great results.  Here are the rules I'll break down one by one.

Photograph the horizon straight
Photography subjects should be clear
Only take photographs in the morning or evening
Photographs of moving subjects should have space in front of them
Photograph with the sun to your back

Now that you've read this come see the first Rule to break:  1:Photography Rule to Break- Straight Horizon
Are there other Rules that you like to break?  Let me know about them, so I can add them to how I photograph.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Shopping

     Its the holiday season and time to enjoy your family and friends.  The last few years Christmas in the stores has been creeping closer and closer to Halloween.  Sure at first its annoying, but as the decorations come out closer to Halloween it becomes painful.  Then the stores starting the Black Friday on Thursday right after everyones dinner.  What happened to letting all people enjoy a full night on Thanksgiving?
    This year I encourage you to spend more time with your family or friends or even just alone over this holiday season but especially on Thanksgiving day/night.  Take photos with those around you and share them, I know thats what I plan to do.  Check back to see my photos of Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Worn body

          It looks like my body has been telling me something.  Twice now with in a month I've gotten sick.  And it hasn't been some little cold you're over in a day or two, no both sickness have lasted at least four or more days.  This last one is on a week already and was bad enough to make me cancel a party.  I decided my body is telling me to slow down, stop trying to do so much.  I know I said this blog would be a weekly thing but for now I'm going to cut it back to once a month.
            Before I got sick I took a trip up to our lake, here is what I found.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Every year I plant a bunch of planters, for me its a great way to focus on something else.  This year I had to work my butt off to keep them alive.  It was a hot dry summer.  In the end my hard work all summer worked out for the fall.  Enjoy my pretty flowers!  Oh and the cat; who always joins me outside.

If you have flowers still growing in your yard share them with us.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Inspiration

        I spent all week sitting at my desk looking out at the lovely weather, wishing I were out there taking photos.  I hauled my camera with me to work but inspiration never did strike.  I went out with a friend to out local area open studios.  A bunch of artist, mostly painters, open their space for people to walk though and buy their paintings.  That helped get me reinvested in working on my art but I hauled my camera that day too and nothing.  Then that night my husband and I went to my parent’s house for the BSU football game and inspiration struck.  It's a good thing my family knows we so well, not sure these images would have worked as well if they weren't understanding.

What do you think of these images?


What inspires you to do what you love?  I'd love to hear or see your inspires you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New life

              Its funny how life starts out.  When I was a kid I knew I’d either be a model or a photographer.  I tried the modeling thing, that was a lot of fun but I was a little to far from home for my liking.  So it was time to try the photography thing.  How did I go about that, well I started college.  I finished college and what was I doing for work, being an office assistant in a job I didn’t even like.  I knew I was in charge of changing my lives outcome.  So I found another job at an office with wonderful people.  You may be wondering where the photographer part of my ramblings comes in.  Every time I think about where my life is now its always about the photography.  I love my job but its time for photography to be a bigger part.  I hope you will enjoy hearing about my life as a photographer in an office assistant position.