Monday, August 18, 2014

What to wear to a photo shoot and why

Its the time time of year when everyone is getting ready for their family photos.  The leaves are starting to change and the weather is cooling down.  There are also still weddings and you'll want to look good for those pictures too.

When deciding what to wear to any kind of photography event think about the ideas I've laid out here.

Pick an outfit that is flattering.  If you feel good in it you'll look good too.

Choose solid colors that are muted, this makes you the subject and not the clothes.

Pick similar tones for your top and bottom (dark or light for top or bottom).  If you put dark on the top and light on the bottom it will look larger, the same thing works for light on the top.

Choose 3/4 sleeves and longer skirts and pants, covering up more of the skin allows the focus to be your face.

Choose shoes that match and are darker, bright shoes will stick out and pull focus from your face.

Stick to your everyday hair and make-up, having something fancier than you're use to could feel awkward.

When at a wedding (knowing you'll be in family photos) think about the wedding parties colors and dress to match that.

The biggest key is to blend together (that's not saying you'll all look exactly alike, we are all individual people).

Do you have tips on clothing items to wear to a photo shoot?