Friday, September 26, 2014

Photography weekend #2

Its that time again, time to get out and take photos for a whole weekend.  I yet again have a goal of filling one card on the camera.  This trip is with my husband, our dog, and my parents dog (they are soaking up the sun and sand, lucky birds).  We are going to Cascade, which is the same place as last time.  Other than filling a card I am going to test out some new equipment I got; a bag and a remote trigger.

Let me tell you about the bag.  It was great for a hike; I could carry a bottle of water, my camera, a second lens, and my cell phone.  Plus there was still space left.  Normally when I'm out with my camera its out and over one shoulder while the camera bag is on the other shoulder.  By the end of the day I am in pain, this bag was very easy to slip the camera into and out of.  This bag will be going with me whenever I travel.

I was very worried about the remote trigger I got.  It just seamed to simple to work the it was supposed to.  But it did, all I had to do was read how to connect it with the camera and bam it worked.  It was great for taking star pictures, my finger didn't get tired from holding a button down.

It was a great weekend.  We attempted to see the northern lights, watched BSU football, took the dogs on a hike, and soaked up some campfire.

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