Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo Paint Collage

For me there is something I love about painting.  In college I had to take painting classes but was never any good at it or liked those classes.  Maybe I like the idea of being able to paint, does it make me more of an artist.

No matter the reason I always have some kind of painting set up to work on.  I still have my old paintings from school, always with the intention to add to them so I will like them.  Right now I'm working on a contest that a large part will be painted.

A few years ago I had taken some photos of my self trying to convey the feelings I had at that time in my life.  I don't remember having any kind of display plan for the pictures.  As soon as I had the photos in hand I knew how I wanted them displayed.  That was when I "created" the "Photo Painting."

This is a simple project to put together
Start with a canvas
Pick the photos you want to use
Get a rough idea of where the pics will go on the canvas
Tape or glue the photos into place
Start painting

In some cases I have painted parts of the canvas before placing the pictures down with glue.  When I do this I make a mark for where the picture will be (draw around the picture with a pencil).

If you didn't paint a clean line around the edge of the canvas you'll have an unfinished edge, I would suggest you pick a color from the painting or black and paint the edge of the canvas.  This will make it look finished.

Unclean edge

 Not everything on the canvas has to be a photo. This craft is all about having a good time and showcasing your photography.