Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unofficial end of Summer

Well we finished out the unofficial end of summer nice and strong.  In the last two weeks of August I "officiated" my parents vow renewal, we threw a 60th anniversary party for my grandparents and my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

The vow renewal was for their 10 year anniversary.  I got to do the ceremony, which was nerve racking until I started.  The other task I was in charge of was the photos.  Now you may think, "she can't do both of those at once."  You'd be right, my husband took the pictures during the ceremony and I did the rest.  He did a great job.

The 60th anniversary party was a great time.  There was family there I hadnt seen in a long time.  My job at that party was the photos and getting people to make a scrapbook page with their photo.  My dad made a picture frame for me to use as a prop.  This is a great prop for a party or wedding, add some dress up items and let your guests have a fun time.

After all that fun (which happened in the same week) was our 1st anniversary.  Months ago we had started talking about taking a trip and where we wanted to go.  Well it didn't happen, so the Monday before our anniversary we finally booked a trip.  We decided on Vegas!  We explored, tried to relax at the pool and drove a lot.  It was nice to get away and we had a fun One year anniversary.

It was a very fast end to August, full of family fun.  Now its time for football season!