Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My day job

Since I'm a photographer my work has utilized this for some of the projects around the office.  I've taken the employee of the year head-shot and a head-shot to announce the new president.  My most recent project is for the owner, we are making her a scrapbook (shh its a surprise).  At her retirement party she gave all of us a pair of shoes that had been personally personalized.  Its a great idea, that I may use in the future.

My job was to take a head-shot of everyone holding their shoes.  I did this over the course of a couple of weeks at varying times of day.  I decided to take them all in the same place, which made the lighting only a small challenge.  Having everyone in the same place means the light was mostly the same with the artificial light but the outside light would change through out the day. If you have some kind of project like this take one day to watch the light in the location you're thinking of taking the photos.  Watching for a whole day lets you know if the light will be ok or if there is a time that its a harsher light.

It was a fun project, that I think turned out great!