Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Part 1: Art Abandonment Challenge

I am part of a group on FaceBook called Art Abandonment, its a group that encourages people to create and leave their creations behind for other people to enjoy.  I love the idea behind this because more people can enjoy art without even realizing they are.  If you missed my FaceBook post on the group check it out now.

Every month the powers that be post a challenge for everyone.  I forget this all the time so I've never taken part in a challenge, till NOW.  This months challenge is to create a kit of creative encouragement.  I like this challenge because its very similar to the mystery box I'm working on (keep an eye out for more on this later).  Here is the mystery box.

There is a lot of thought to put into this project.  I need to come up with some kind of tag.  The tag needs to explain what the finder should do, why this was left behind, and where they can send pictures or a note of their finished project if they want.  I also have to come up with what goes in the kit and how to package it.

I started brainstorming ideas on what could go in the kit or be the kit (hensce the drink).  I thought of a camera, a small clay pack, and then I thought of a mini mystery box.  So thats the plan, I'm going to find "art" items to put in a container.  Stay tuned for the results.

If you are working on the challenge please share your kit of creative encouragements below.

Come check out Part 2.