Monday, July 7, 2014

My experience at Boise Music Festival

            I had the chance to work the Boise Music Festival this last weekend.  First off I was surprised to be given the opportunity but I have one of the greatest sisters-in-laws ever.  All of the fun started with a meeting at the station to go over our assignments and answer any questions. 

  The day of I leave the house and halfway there remember I’ve left all my paperwork at home.  I call the husband and get him to send over photos of what I need.  Once I get there and park I head the direction I think I need to go.  Well I’m wrong and eventually I figure it out. 

Then the photography day gets started.  At first its slow, there aren’t many people and the bands are ok.  As the day goes on it gets busier and warmer.  Two of my best friends show up and we hang out for a little.  At some point during the day I decide I was crazy to say yes to this, its hot, there are to many people, and I’m tired. 

I finish up with my last two bands and start to wonder across the fair grounds to the trailer where I drop off the last of my photos.  The main stage still has its artist performing, which happens to be Train.  Now I’m not a very big fan of Train but I have backstage access so I had to check it out.  In a matter of seconds I remember why I like taking photos.  

Even though I wasn't one of the photographers taking the photos I was still able to get as close as them.  With a camera in had you get into some amazing places; I look forward to doing this again.

And this is the view everyone else had.  I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

If you want to see more photos of Boise Music Fest go check out their site.