Thursday, December 11, 2014

Disc failure

Its Sunday morning and we've had breakfast, I have plans for the afternoon so I figure I'll get on the computer and work on some photography stuff. I get the computer woke up and the first thing that comes up is a windows warning about a discs failure. Ok this could be junk or this could be serious, lucky for me Wayne was not playing his video game. I ask him to come look at my computer, even luckier for me is that he understands my computer. A few hours go by and he has decided the message isn't junk and we need to do something about the computer asap. So here I am freaking out a little because I have a lot of photos on that computer that haven't been backed up to anything. We come up with a plan to be sure the photos aren't lost and order the stuff for my computer. I'm so worried about crashing my computer I haven't turned it on since we shut it off on Sunday.

Here are some words of wisdom to all of you out there with your photos in one place. BACK THEM UP. I know own an external hard-drive that will be backing up my photos on a regular basis. 

I hope to have the computer running after this weekend. Keep an eye out for new posts with pictures.