Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Photography Night

For my moms birthday we got her a private glass blowing class for two at one of our local glass studios.  We finally went to the class a few days before Thanksgiving.
This was a great experience.  I had wondered how much it would be like working with clay as we got started.  It was a lot like clay with the difference of not touching it, and working a lot faster.

For the class, Boise Art Glass, we both got to pick what we wanted to make and the colors we wanted.  I chose a paperweight and mom chose a cup.  I got to start, the basics of mine was dip it in color then take big tongs and pull the glass while turning it.  That is how we made the swirls.  Mine also got another blog of glass around the outside, which we shaped into an egg shape.

Moms cup was very involved, she had to blow air in the the glass while it tuned.  She also got to make an ornament.  The photos show the process of the cup and ornament.

If this looks like something you'd be interested in go check out their page.  They have great groupons and do a first Thursday deal too.