Monday, January 11, 2016

Its official, today should be a national holiday.

Because today is my birthday and everyone's birthday should be a national holiday.  Ok so we might not be able to get the government to fold to this request but we can make it a holiday within our families.  
Since today is my birthday I got to thinking about the past celebrations I've had.  I've had a surprise party at Chuck-e-Cheese, another time I spent the weekend at the family cabin.  My second favorite so far was the time I played video games and drank all day (I wasn't looking forward to that birthday to start with), I've spent many a birthday bar hopping and I've thrown some pretty epic house parties.  How old am I you may ask, but like any classy lady I'll let you keep guessing.

A birthday in my life is a holiday, no matter your age.   I try to make that day or week or even month very special.  Its the one and only day that's just about you! Embrace the day or even a month long celebration, don't think of it as a number but more of a new year party.

Since I love celebrating birthdays so much I thought I would share the fun with all of you.  Here is the deal, sign up for the Birthday Club! you'll be glad you did.

Here's what it means to be a member of the club:
Every year during your birthday month, as a way to celebrate, you'll receive an email which gives you a special complimentary mini session with a $46 photo credit for that month.  The mini sessions last between 30 and 40 minutes with 10 images guaranteed.

Want to have your entire family involved? Its only up to $156 to add 4 more people, and each person after 4 is only $16 more.  So you can invite Grandma and Grandpa to join in on all the fun too.

Let me help you celebrate your special day, and join the Birthday Club! today.

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