Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall or Spring family photos?

What is the right time of year to have your family photos taken? Is there a right time of year for family photos?
 The time of year you have your pictures taken is really up to you.  Most people tend to do their family photos in the fall.  Some of the best parts of fall is the changing colors, and the cold weather.  That lovely cold weather tends to get people to cuddle and be closer together, which is a great excuse to get your picture taken.
 If you're going for a fall photo shoot I'd have it take place in the September - early November range.  That gives me enough time to edit the photos and sit down with you to look through the images, and time to order prints or cards or any other custom items you may want.
Another time of year that I like to take family photos is in the spring.  This takes some work because you have to try to work it in around rain storms and any bad weather in general. But the thing about spring that's so magical is the clear air and beautiful blue sky.
No matter what time of year you want to have family photos done, think about what your favorite time of year is.  Because if you enjoy being out in it, the happiness will show in your face and photos.
What is your favorite time of the year?  I'm always interested in your thoughts and ideas.